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Most Powerful Facebook Marketing Guide To Grow Your Startup Now

The Most Powerful Facebook Marketing Guide

When it comes to the master of all social media platforms, Facebook still holds that position as it is the most popular online platform used by teenagers and adults. As its user base multiplies daily, it is seen as an ideal platform for businesses to use it as a platform for their digital marketing strategies. Facebook Marketing is said to be one of the most efficient and effective digital marketing strategies.

Although, it might seem like a big confusing maze at first.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We have created the ultimate Facebook Marketing guide to ensure that you get the most out of this powerful social media platform (read: digital marketing tool) and grow your business fast.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Set up goals for your Facebook Marketing Strategy

This is first step that you need to take towards your Facebook marketing strategy. Establishing goals will make your path to success more visible.

But hold up, before you set your goals, there is something else that you might want to do – a thorough research to ensure that your strategy achievable through Facebook.

As a digital marketing agency, we found that marketers on Facebook had these top goals in their minds:

  • To increase brand awareness (34%)
  • Increase community engagement (21%)
  • Increase sales and lead generation (11%)

Don’t have goals set up yet? Use the goals mentioned below as your starting points.

Primary Goals for Marketers - Web Bazooka

Furthermore, if your company has already set general objectives, look for how these overlap with your own marketing plans on Facebook.

Setting your targets

We have listed some common goals below along with how an effective Facebook strategy can help your business.

  • Increasing sales quality: Improving the quality of sales begins with improved targeting. The deeper you dig, the better results you get. You reach your target audience more efficiently using a well-planned Facebook marketing strategy. Just because the pond is bigger, that doesn’t mean you are going to get bigger fish. Work on what you know best, and use Facebook as your source to enhance reach.
  • Adding more value to the organization: Facebook can better nurture customers, increase awareness, and provide your audience with more resources. Use Facebook as the go-to platform for all the information people might need.
  • Better Industry Pulse: Are your competitors always one step ahead? You can track, listen, and report on all social conversations revolving around you, your competitors, or the industry with the help of social media monitoring tools. Always try to increase your powers of listening before you speak. Social media listening will make you aware of what others are talking about your brand and how they feel towards it.
  • Smarter growth: Churn reduction, spending limitation, and increasing acquisition are all part of a successful business, but Facebook can help you in each of these areas. Whether it’s through ad spending, increased targeting, or more social selling, addressing your marketing strategy on Facebook can help you get closer to these objectives.
  • More efficient recruitment: Social recruitment can be a difficult and lengthy process. However, day by day its popularity is only increasing. Social media can be a great source for increasing recruitment efforts and quicker attainment of top talent. Working for a higher social reach with the social networks of your employees improves your chances of hiring higher quality employees.

2. Know your Facebook audience

Understanding your current audience is the most integral part of Facebook marketing. This is the factor that will determine which strategy you should employ in order to get results that match your goals.

For this, you can use the Facebook insights tool and tap on “People”. This will help you get a surface level understanding of your audience such as what language do they speak, where are they from, what gender are they, etc.

Facebook Marketing - Web Bazooka

Once you have an understanding of your audience, you will be able to target them better.

3. Determine your Facebook ads strategy

Whether you’re just starting out on Facebook, or you’ve been on it for a while, the need to pay for brand exposure is difficult to escape.

A great place to start learning more about Facebook ads is our comprehensive guide to creating your advertising strategy on Facebook.

But growing your audience and loyalty to the brand doesn’t happen overnight.

However, thanks to the era of digital marketing, social media advertising has become a shortcut for this.

There are more than four million advertisers on Facebook in particular, with an average click-through rate of just 9%.

However, it should be kept in mind that while Facebook advertising is a simpler process, it isn’t easier. You still need to build your brand effectively and display it perfectly with ads.

How can you do that? Let us explain using three powerful points.

Aim to increase your brand awareness

Your Facebook ad campaigns should revolve around two things:

1. Cost-effective
2. Relevant

For starters, to avoid overexposure and useless clicks, you want to stay within your allocated weekly or monthly spending with Facebook.

For starters, to avoid overexposure and useless clicks, you want to stay within your allocated weekly or monthly spending with Facebook.

Ad spend can shoot up in a hurry when targeting isn’t effective or set properly, which will take us to the next step.

Make sure your ad stays relevant to your audience and matches the message you want to convey to them. Facebook ad - Web Bazooka

Aiming at a broad audience is not a bad thing. You want to actually see at first what works best for awareness building.

Relevance, though, is crucial to big Facebook ads.

Make sure your content is creative

In this post earlier we had a deep dive into the content types on Facebook.

Now it’s time to choose which content pieces you think are worth advertising in front of a much larger public.

Some of the best aspects of the content of your ad should include:

  1. Identity: Does that relate to your brand and showcase your product/service effectively?

2. Reward: What’s in it for the audience?

3. Tone: Does your content maintain the same tone over the whole Facebook page or overall business?

4.Action: Your content has to drive an action that goes back to your goals on Facebook. Make sure it is clear and precise.

Keep the content fresh.

The content of Facebook ads is literally squeezed between your friends and family feeds, which means it’s often seen.

The content of Facebook ads is literally squeezed between your friends and family feeds, which means it’s often seen.

That is exactly the same thing.

By creating a spreadsheet and documenting your key metrics, you can get unique insights into what you specifically want your ad to achieve.

  • Click-through rate: If traffic is critical, track CTR and see where you can improve.
  • Impressions: Having visibility problems? Review your image or content, and see what more impressions can drive.
  • Cost to Acquire: If your purpose is to more effectively limit spending and budgeting, track costs to acquire and set weekly or monthly targets.

Are you struggling with your Facebook Marketing. Need help to build up your strategy. Don’t worry, we can help you out to build a robust strategy that will help you grow your business. Get in touch with us now.

4. Schedule your Facebook Content

Content curation and creation is the most imperative aspect of any social media strategy. We have tons of options on the types of posts we want to put forward on Facebook. This ranges from Stories to Status to Group Posts.

While selecting the type of content, you must keep in mind about what type of content your audience is interested in.

This will ensure that your Facebook marketing strategy works best.

We did a small research to find out what type of content consumers desire the most.

Posting at the correct time

To post at the correct time, you will need to schedule your content. There are a lot of paid and free tools available for this purpose.

For example, page controls on Facebook allow you to schedule your posts directly from your own site. You can also use paid tools such as, Sprout’s ViralPost feature which will select the best times for you based on your audience engagement that is most expected.

Facebook is still one of the hardest-to-use social networks for organic content.

Again, algorithms pose a challenge for companies trying to find optimum posting times.

Use the infographic provided by SproutSocial to gain a better understanding of when to post on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing - Web Bazooka

5. Make use of the existing audience

These days it is essential to have a website as it acts as a sales transaction platform or a storefront where people get more information about your business and can buy its products or services.

By putting social media icons that can be viewed and clicked, which are directly linked to your Facebook page, and any other social media account pages you have, you can easily leverage existing traffic on your site.

Take our homepage as an example.

Facebook Marketing - Web Bazooka

Bonus tip:

Have your icons located on your homepage so that people can easily find you.  This move also provides better click-through rate (CTR) placements.

6. Use Facebook plugins

There are alot of advantages when it comes to integrating Facebook plugings on your website to create more brand awareness and increase likes and followers on Facebook.

For this purpose, you can use Facebook’s like or comment button on your blog.

It is best to use the Like Button for your website pages and blog posts, though you can use them both!

You might want to consider doing experiments on what’s your website’s best Facebook plug-in.

7. Understand the need for Facebook Ads

We have already talked about Facebook ads earlier.

Now, let’s talk about why do you need to invest in them.

We know that some people are still hesistant when it comes to investing in Facebook ads. But trust us, it is not as expensive as it seems like. Moreover, the results are beautiful.

Currently, Facebook ads help you create your campaign based on the results you want:

Facebook Page Engagement: These ads will help in boosting your posts and increasing its reach in order to increase likes and comments on it.

Facebook Page Likes: Ads that will increase your page’s visibility to others and increase followers and likes.

Website Clicks: Use these ads to increase your website’s traffic.

Website Conversions: Ads to promote specific actions for people to take on your website; you’ll need a conversion tracking pixel to measure your results.

App Installs: These ads will help in increasing your app downloads.

App Engagement: These can help you in increasing engagement on your app.

Event Responses: Ads to promote your event.

Offer claims: These Facebook ads can help you in promoting the offers you have created.

Are you struggling with your Facebook ads? Unable to get the desired conversion. Don’t worry, we will help you in designing efficient ads that will help you grow your business. Get in touch with us now!

8 . Create Facebook contests

An online report stated that 35% of Facebook fans like a page so that they get a chance to win an interesting contest.

Recall when was the last time you were tagged by a friend in some contest? Or, perhaps you tagged some of your friends in a contest!

This is because people love free stuff.

Engaging your fans into a Facebook contest will also enable you to increase engagement and activity on your Facebook page.

For example, you can hold a contest wherein all your followers need to do is caption the picture and tag 3 friends.

If you sell products your reward can be a sample of your product or a freebie, whereas if you are into the service sector, you can award your winner with a free 1-hour consultation of the service your business is specialised in.

Creating Facebook contests

9. Use the “@” feature

Using this feature can allow you to make your fans feel like they’re valued and are special to your business.

You can tag people or pages and show your enthusiasm and gratitude towards them.

For example, start out a campaign where you thank a loyal customer every month by giving them a shoutout and making them feel special. This will also help in increasing brand loyalty.

10. Engage with your audience proactively

The basic aim of social media channels is to provide a platform wherein people can discuss and share content.

You can not forget, as a brand, that fundamental idea of what makes a social media network.

That means we should never put a halt to conversation and engagement on our Facebook page.

Try being a community for your audience, instead.

Facebook is a great platform to start industry chats or discussions, whether it’s with a different audience or with your own clients.

But you can’t sit back and wait to interact with your followers though. You can’t reach everybody either. But there are ways to increase engagement.

Let’s take the example of Fitbit here.

You could expect their marketing to push a hard sell for being a brand in a relatively new industry, like “our wearable tech is projected to be one of the hottest products in the years to come.”

With Fitbit though, you’d be wrong.

They are actually doing very little promotion of the product on their Facebook page.

Instead, they focus on physical and mental health with tips and encouragement for exercise. Its strategy is rooted in empowering fans to set goals related to fitness.

And through this, they don’t let the engagement on their page die.

Facebook Engagement Example - Web Bazooka

Struggling to drive more engagement to your social media handles. Don’t worry, we will help you out. Take the first step: get in touch with us, and together, we will build an engagement strategy to grow your business.

11. Use Facebook Customized Page Tab or Apps

A custom tab/app page is a great option if you are looking to offer your fans an exclusive advantage.

It lets new visitors see details of your events, contests, opt-in forms, or deals that can help you gain more fans and likes.

Take a look at Adidas’ customized Facebook tabs.

Customised Facebook Tabs - Web Bazooka

You can also use Facebook tabs to create direct links to your other social media platforms like how Adidas has done for its YouTube channel.

12. Track your results to optimise your Facebook Marketing

This marks the end of your strategy.

But it is just as important as others. You need to keep a watchful eye on your results to see if you are getting the results you desired or not.

This will also help you identify deviations and how you can correct them.

To track your results, you can use Facebook Ads manager and click on your current running ad to see its insights.

You can also use paid tools for this. For example, using SproutSocial you can measure Page impressions, Fan growth and how your Facebook content is performing using intuitive, interactive reports that can be downloaded and shared with stakeholders in seconds.

Facebook Analytics - Web Bazooka

In this era of globalization and digitalisation, it’s necessary to have your presence in the digital sphere. We believe that a business with a great digital team have no bounds and can reach out to every nook and corner of the world effectively and at optimum costs.

Web Bazooka provides end to end solutions, from designing your digital logo to website architecture, to social media pages and the required blog posts as per your requirements. 

Get in touch with us now: Web Bazooka – India’s leading Digital Marketing and Advertising agency.

Web Bazooka provides end to end solutions, from designing your digital logo to website architecture, to social media pages and the required blog posts as per your requirements. 

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