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5 minute quick guide to Google Ads

5 minute guide to google ads

What is Google Ads?

A lot of people are not aware how Google ads work. They are missing out on a big oppourtunity. Therefore, we created this 5 minute quick guide to Google Ads.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an advertising platform provided by Google. It was started two deacdes ago in year 2000.

It serves as a platform through which businesses/individuals can promote their products and services online. You can place ads on Google Search (the Google Search Network) and even on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos (the Google Display Network).

Why you need Google Ads ?

Digital Marketing is booming and every company wants to build their strong online presence so that they can cater to every kind of audience.

Millennials are all over the internet, whether it is social media or using of internet. The number of internet users has increased significantly over the last ten years, which has generated the need for Online Marketing.

Companies are spending way too much on Online Medium as compared to their Above the Line (ATL) & Below the Line (BTL) Marketing.

And in this scenario, Google Ads comes into play. Google is one of the most used search engines all over the world. They leveraged this traffic to develop one of the best ad platform.

Google ads is a simple tool wherein the business/individual can go and select an objective for their advertisement and pay accordingly. It’s fast, efficient and robust.

Before getting into the technical stuff of Google Ads, one needs to understand the basic Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

What is Google SERP

It’s basically the page which gets displayed when someone searches on Google. The first page which a person sees comprises of organic results as well as Google ads.

The page has 7 results which are based on Google Ads and the rest are organic searches, which are based on the keyword of that website.

Out of these seven ads, four ads are at the starting of the page and three are at the end of the page. It is considered best if the ad is at the top, which means that there are more chances for people to notice it, and usually, those ads cost the user more, because of the competition.

So no when we are clear about the SERP, let’s move to how we can use Google Ads.

How to use Google Ads

Before you start advertising on Google Ads platform, you need to decide what is your objective for advertising.

In Google’s terminology, each ad comes under a campaign and hence Google defines them as campaign objectives. Let’s look at the various campaign objectives Google offers:

Campaign objectvies for google adwords
  • Sales: The sales objective is for selling any product or service and the main aim is to get the product/service sold. This is directly related to generating profits for the business.

  • Product and Brand Consideration: The last objective of an advertisement campaign given by Google AdWords is Product and Brand Consideration. This focuses on influencing customers to explore their products and services. This does not aim at selling, but it tries to give the customer an option that there is a brand you can consider too.

  • Website Traffic: The Website Traffic objective is to bring more and more audience to your website, this directly helps in Search Engine Optimization and also to promote your products/service indirectly.

  • App Promotion: The Application Promotion objective is basically to make the user download the app, so the brands can directly connect to the customer and send them the latest information about their product/service. They also promote applications because it helps them to create a database.

  • Brand Awareness and Reach: Brand Awareness and Reach objective is to make an image in the minds of customers, to make brand personality which helps them to make a connection with their audience. This objective focuses on connection with the audience.

  • Leads: The Leads generation objective is to collect a database of the right audience which are directly related to your business or are interested in the niche of your business.

Types of campaign

Every Ad campaign has Ad groups and every Ad groups has Ad copy, which ultimately the customer gets. The user can create an ad campaign with the same objective but chooses to show that advertisement to a different audience, that can be Ad group.

Campaign objectvies is about deciding what your goal of advertising is. Next comes how you want to implement these objectives using the various campaign types available.

Google AdWords has various campaign types which are as follows:

Search ads

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: What's the Difference? | Seer Interactive

These are the ads that appear on the Google results page whenever someone types a search query into the search box. These ads are the ones that are displayed above the organic search results. They have a tag called “Ad” on them, these ads are very helpful in making your business stand out within the search results.

Display Ads

Guide to Google ads: Display ads

Google has various tie-ups with a number of websites in different industries on which it displays this type of ads. Display ads are basically those ads that are displayed on various other websites through Google Display Network.

Shopping Ads

Guide to Google ads: Shopping ads

These ads are the product-based advertisements that are shown on the Google results page whenever you search for a product. Along with the product’s image, price and brand these ads also include their ratings.

Video ads

Guide to Google ads: Video ads

Video Ads are displayed in the YouTube’s search results or during a video on YouTube. These are generally placed in the beginning, ending or even in the middle of the videos. Remember to keep the duration of these videos short, usually, a video of 60-90 seconds works better than the longer ones.

Discovery Ads

Guide to Google ads: Discovery ads

Discovery Ads are in the format of a carousel. Advertisers can display single or multiple images of their product or their service in a swipeable carousel. These ads are placed on Google’s Discover feed, YouTube’s mobile homepage, and Gmail’s social promotions tab.

Smart Ads

These ads are more detailed targeted as Google allows advertisers to target their ads to audiences that will most likely convert. This helps in increasing the conversions rate and boost sales.

These all campaign types are effective on their own depending on the niche of the user’s business, the product/service, the desired audience and the campaign objectives he/she going for. The user can easily select the campaign type and run their advertisement accordingly.

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Choosing your audience

Google AdWords also gives various other options to set up the right advertisement to the business.

Demography: It provides to set the right audience which includes demographic section including age, sex and income.

Geography: It has the geographical section as well which can be helpful to reach a targeted audience. There are options for languages as well so that every niche can be covered easily.

Budget: There are Budget options through which the users can set a particular amount, after which the advertisement automatically stops running.

Keyword planning

One of the most underrated activity is keyword Research and Planning. This step this super useful and powerful in creating a successful ad. This is done using Google’s Keyword planner tool.

Keyword Planner is a tool given by Google AdWords which help the user to find the right keyword for its business and also guide with the competition, biding prices on that given word. This tools also help in Search Engine Optimization.

It also has a bidding system through which the user itself can decide on what action of the customer he/she wants to pay for the advertisement.

The best part is that Google AdWords always suggest the best that you can do the campaign. It also provides a fair idea of how much reach the advertisement will have in that amount of money. This can be helpful to the beginners who are trying to engage for the first time.

In the Ad creation Process, the user can add Heading as per the Keyword Search so that the ad pops up at the right time, URLs can also be customised it according to the keyword. The user can add suitable text, images and videos according to the Campaign type.

Being a newcomer, is Google Ads for you ?

Without a doubt, there is intense competition on Google AdWords because of the massive amount of traffic it has. And if you are on top search results of Google, your business is going to get a lot of attention.

In addition, Google offers a robust tracking system in form of Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics, business can easily track their sales, impressions and can also generate databases. It is very fast; time savvy and the results are trackable, unlike the traditional medium.

Also, in these years, everyone is busy and wants everything digitally so Google Ads is a great platform for the business to reach out to their potential customers.

Now since you are aware about the ads, we have an interesting read on 6 Google Ads hacks to more than double your conversion rates. Click here to read it

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